Iris Design

face-1251415-639x482With all the conversations around me at work you would think I would know more about style than I do. Part of this is because all the conversations around me have to be about fashion. I’m not even kidding. There are so many people that seem to know about stuff and they usually talk about it and everyone made a rule that you can only talk about style in the morning. I think it’s to keep people from getting too bothered at work because seriously it’s the kind of company where you need to be awake. We do a lot of work and everything is really intense so I think that by talking about things that people like it can make it more entertaining.

So anyway, the thing they were talking about the other day was contacts and how they can change the look of your appearance. I didn’t even know what those were available but you can get ones that have like different designs and stuff and like cat eye ones and stuff and I think maybe you can get a few more but I didn’t know about that. So anyway ,I was on this site by Sclera XL but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that but it seems like the kind of thing that I might want to get. I don’t really do anything too crazy like that and I think that maybe it would be a good idea. And I think that possibly it might improve my style, not that I would wear them everywhere, but I could probably do it somewhere and it would be cool.

Because you know that this is the kind of thing that would make other people stare and they might not want to get it themselves but they would think it was awesome if you do it. So I think that because of that it might be important to get something like this. Essentially though I will probably order something like this and see if there is anything they might do as far as things are pertaining to my design. However this goes, though, I’m pretty sure that whatever I do would bring about a different style to what I have because I really could use something new and I think that changing something like this could be what I need to get through the slump that I’m in as far as my appearance is concerned. With everything I think.