While I am trying to figure out where I want to go this year I realiezd that I should probably basically ask my friends. Here, I’m not really a well traveled person. I know a lot of people are like hey, let’s go there, let’s go there. The most normal question is where have you been? I really don’t know, looking at it from the angle of I haven’t really go to a lot of places. The time I was a kid was basically filled with playing with my friends and staying home bu so I never really went anywhere. It’s weird. I think it depends on who you talk to whether or not people go places or not. Do you have a lot of friends who have done that. Basically it’s just a matter of choosing where you want to go and leaving from there. I mean it’s not that hard but there is some way I have made it hard. DO you know what it is like when you have too many options and you don’t know which one to pick? That’s me, now. I was thinking about the desert. Why? Because I haven’t been to spots that are similar to that place. I mean, there are a lot of other places I could go but basically there’s not much else that would probably entertain me.  But no one wants to go there. It’s like, ok, people want to go there because obviously there is the whole visiting thing, but I feel like if you asked a ton of people where do you want to go the majority of them would not say there.

But then there are the places that are potentially cooler because no one wants to go there. That’s not to say that I do the opposite of what people expect, but, so, it kind of is. Like , with movies, everyone likes the comedies but I don’t, Do you know why? It’s because they’re not funny. So I go see movies that I like and then when I’m asked about a certain movie, I either tell the about one I saw instead, or I tell them why I really didn’t feel like seeing it. There is a whole gathering of people who do things this way and it’s not like I specifically picked to join them but you know it’s just basically how it worked out. But I figure, why should my choice of destination be any different? Yeah, everyone wants to go here, so I want to go someplace different. Because that’s who I am.

More to the point, have you actually looked at the what I think you can do there? It’s basically not only a place where some cool story to it, but it’s looks pleasant as well, or at least I think it does. So to me, basically, when I was picking where the newest place for me to go should be I really just wanted to do something that may in fact be a place I wanted to go back.

This way when I go I’ll get to experience a different climate than where I am now. Like, it’s pretty cool here and I think that maybe going some place toastier might be the kind of thing I want to do . But I’m not sure. It’s more like, I haven’t ever really gone anywhere and this is really an opportunity for me to do that. You can’t really consider how much a thing like this may be valued by me because you probably go a lot of places. But for me, because I just stay at home and work, I really wanted to go someplace new. So that’s what I’m doing. And it’s going to be pretty awesome I think, mostly because I’m going to observe some things I haven’t watched before. Seriously. But actually what I’m doing now is checking out if I really want to go there or not. It’s not like I need to pick now, it’s more just like I have been playing around with the idea and this is what I have figured. Most people would tell me that I should put more thought into bit but basically they’re not positive of what they’re talking about so Imm just going to consider things this way. But you know, what’s helpful about the internet is that you can really find out whatever you want about anything so I’m able to get the details that I need. Because of this I am able to really choose a place and get the place that will probably be the best make sure that it’s something that I will find pleasure in. You don’t want to go to a location and then not like it once you get there. How annoying.